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datingseed Posted: 12/12/18

The Short Version: Couples who fight frequently — over both big and little things — may need help identifying some of the underlying issues. In Easton, Pennsylvania, many couples turn to licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Christine Wilke to learn the communication skills they need to stop fighting and start strengthening their relationships. Christine helps couples work through everyday problems that can result in unhealthy habits and behaviors if left unaddressed. She has also produced a convenient online workshop that relies on Imago relationship therapy principles to help couples.

Therapist Christine Wilke, Ed.S., learned about a particular method for marriage counseling in a very personal way: Years ago, she and her husband were having a rough patch

It was early in their relationship when they were both young professionals focused on their careers and with a growing family. As a result, they struggled to balance the soccer practices and other family responsibilities with being a good partner to each other. Life was becoming stressful.

If you think certified marriage and family therapists are immune to marriage problems, think again, Christine said.
Photo of Christine Wilke and her logo.

Couples can learn new communication skills to unearth the underlying issues in a disagreement.

Online Workshop Lets Couples Work At Home For Faster Results.

Christine said that she learned so much from her training that she felt she couldn’t use it all in the hour-long sessions with clients. So, she created an online workshop series for couples to watch together with methods to practice throughout the week as a supplement to the in-office visits.


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